Thursday, 12 September 2013

All's Quiet . . . .

Kicking myself as today would have been a good day to get out dragonhunting, but as it happens I started hacking the back hedge before the sun got out and was committed to finishing the job with the forecast for the the foreseeable future not very good to say the least.

Also thought it might have been a good raptor day so kept one eye on the skies as I worked, but apart from a few red kites and a sparrowhawk, very little of note passed over the garden.
Other observations are that the smaller birds seem to be starting to flock, with bands of assorted tits harvesting the garden and bigger parties of starlings noted overhead. The local housemartins are still 'on patch' but there have been a few swallows passing through.
Highlights were a singing chiffchaff and a very vocal red kite perched in the conifers over the road.

Number 6 on it's (faded) yellow wingtag so one of the first birds released in the valley back in 2004. Adopted by Highfield Community Primary School who named him 'Flame', according to the FoRK website he has rarely moved outside of the valley, pairing with  WT19 (Ruby) in 2007 and they've nested (or attempted to) each year since, close by. He's probably the kite I identify most often from the garden as he often dives in to feed from the flat-topped garages over the back when people throw their 'Sunday dinners' up there. I know a few photographers complain about the wingtags spoiling their photos (boo hoo) but being able to identify individuals and look back at their history is much more satisfying I think. 

Anyhow Saturday looks the best bet for anywhere near decent dragonfly weather, otherwise I can only hope next week improves after the forthcoming wind and rain moves away. Fingers crossed.

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