Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Whats the Buzz ?

Glorious day today so after a bit of gardening (yak!) took sprog1 down to Far Pasture (with his new pair of 10x25s) in hope of getting better pics of ruddy darter, so was taken by surprise by the lack of activity.
A couple of emeralds and a single ovipositing common darter on the pond, good views of a preening snipe close to the hide and sprog perked up when a heron flew in. Nothing at all on the forbidden pond (after we flushed the green sand), and no sign of any ruddys anywhere.

Common darters aplenty though along the access road but mainly in the fields again. We watched a migrant hawker hunting for ages but would it hell settle for a pic.
But as we watched I got a new borough record as no less than TWELVE common buzzards were up soaring in the air together, knocking spots off my previous record of 8. A couple of them were calling so I told sprog how to recognise them as they mewed like a cat, to which he replied "That's strange, as they're called buzzards I thought they would buzz?"
Never thought of that before, the logic of kids is a wondrous thing.

Further along the road a second migrant hawker was hawking another field, and a larger hawker came across but was silhouetted against the sun so couldn't make it out properly. Another highlight here was seeing a weasel zip across the road, first I've seen in ages.
Another hawker on the way back along the derwent walk high up was probably a common judging by the coppery tint to the wings as they caught the sunlight.

Pleasant little session all in all, lovely summer scene, quiet, peaceful, not even a breeze, just the mews of buzzards, a couple of snippets of song from a chiffchaff and the 'buzzing' of a willow tit as we watched the dragonflies and butterflies flitting about in the sunshine. Could have stayed all day.

Best of todays pics, all common darters :

Finally the grapevine from around the borough reports black darters out at Stargate, with a couple of males photographed on bank holiday Monday. Hope I can get over there before long.  


  1. Black darter at burdon moor yesterday and black darters at brick works pool today :0 datson boy had them :) "mike" long story, tell you when i see you ;)