Thursday, 8 August 2013

Sitting on the Fence . . . comma . . . or not.

A day at home so took a couple of the sprogs down to Far Pasture this afternoon to see if any Ruddy Darters had turned up yet (first sighted on this date last year). First thing I noticed was this submarine popping up in the middle of the field, now that all the lovely rough has been obliterrated.

Up periscope

But as it happens only a couple of common darters and blue damsels on the main pond, so spent most of the time by the roadside which is usually more productive anyway, especially for identification purposes as it's quite easy to get proper close up to darters perching on the roadside fences and therefore excellent for photographs.
Alas; no ruddys sighted at all today and maybe no more than ten common darters, all but two of those being females. Here's a few of them :

A few of those sitting on the fence today,
this last one almost going into the obelisk position.

But like I say it's often quite easy to get decent close-ups :


The Comma

The artist in me is always looking for summat a bit different or a decent composition :

Giving the subject a sense of place is often easy to
do here, with the column of Liberty
a constant backdrop.
And this darter appeared to be giving it
the once over from a more prominent perch

And it looks like there will be even more fences for the darters to perch on, as while we were there a tractor and a pick-up turned up carrying fence-posts and rolls of barbed wire, be interesting to see if this is yet another imposition on our freedom to roam (enough barbed wire and keep out notices here already seem to be aimed at the good-intentioned nature recorders rather than being a deterrent to the fly-tippers, doggers and those generally up to no good . . . unlike the darters, I'm not sitting on the fence ;)

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