Sunday, 18 August 2013

Scotland Revisited . . . .

Been up to Dumfries and Galloway for most of the week on a short family break. Most enjoyable but dragonhunting and keeping the kids happy don't exactly go hand-in-hand. I also spoilt myself first day by getting us lost in the forest, so traumatic an experience that from then on the kids refused point-blanc to go anywhere near the woods again, but I did get a brief sighting of a hawking golden-ringed dragonfly, though no sooner had I confirmed ID it disappeared again.
Three other hawkers seen that day but only one identified as a common hawker.

Otherwise lack of opportunities and mainly overcast days kept dragons down to a minimum, only one common darter and a handful of emerald damsels completed my sightings for the trip, and a planned visit to RSPB Mersehead was cancelled due to it pissing down all day Thursday. Avian highlights were plenty of red kites, buzzards and ravens, and calling tawny owls each evening.

The only darter seen on my travels

One of only a few damsels seen on my travels

So back in the land of plenty, a morning out with the Birdman promised much but delivered little in the way of dragonflies, a search for Black Darters at Burdon Moor only produced common darters and emerald damsels (but a triad of Whinchats were a welcome borough lifer for yours truly)

Typical shite shot of  2 of 3 Whinchats
A gateshead borough lifer (or three)

We also nipped in to Far Pasture hoping to pick up Ruddy Darter but again only the common variety showed.

A roadkill darter at far Pasture, must have had an off-day

But at least this one's got something to smile about

Will try again during the week, forecast seems to be in favour of dragonhunting. Meanwhile here's yet another moth which doesn't seem to warrant a space in Collins Incomplete Insect Guide.

Answers on a comment please. Cheers. 


  1. Hi alan
    George has just text me with your moth id, antler moth. Cheers.

  2. Cheers Steve, nice one George. Once again I do Collins a dis-service. The moth is in there but such a shite photo I didn't recognise it.
    Another lifer for me though :)