Saturday, 31 August 2013

It's Dire 'ere . . .

It's oft been said I put a load of crap on these pages, but never has it been so true as today because guess what this is :


Yip, a piece of dragonfly poo ! From a Common Darter to be exact. In fact this one :

Anyone got any paper ?

I just happened to be watching it through me bins when this little nugget fell out of it's rear end and I couldn't resist taking a closer look using my 10x loupe, then photographed it (for posteriorty?)

That's about the size of it.

Well I can't remember seeing a dragonfly take a dump before. (I'm not a saddo honest). Anyhow (back on the science-fiction theme again) I thought it resembled a microscopic Alien egg.

Maybe curiosity got the better of me, whereas I suppose for the dragonfly it was just 'business' as usual.

Perhaps I should just get out more  . . . . . :)


  1. What a poo er posting !!
    Did you not do a Packham and check the contents ?
    I'm sure you'll be desperate for a Black Darter doo doo now. How much larger are the Hawker ploppies ?
    More info. please.

    1. Believe it or not John I did actually do a brief search on dragonfly 'doings'. Their guts are much like ours, after a chemical breakdown the water and minerals are absorbed and just the useless crap ejected out the backside.
      But you're right I should have squashed it under my thumb to see if I could make anything out, missed a chance there, Packham would have been proud.
      And yes during my google search I did see a hawker poo, was a lot more sausage-like than the darters.
      Glad to know there is someone out there as geeky if not geekier than me. Thanks John. :)

  2. Can you not remember the common hawker at thornley woods having one in flight not so long ago? Or maybe it was just me that noticed it :) lol

    1. Aye now you mention it Steve. I remember you saying but I didn't see it meself. Must remember to be more observant ;)