Friday, 23 August 2013

And about Ruddy Time . . . .

Yip, finally nailed a Ruddy Darter at Far Pasture this afternoon. Bright sunshine when I arrived, nice view of a buzzard flying in low then perching in a tree, loadsa darters basking on the fence and road, and at last the ruddy which I got a few record shots of but then stopped to chat to Roly who was just leaving and informed me of a spot fly showing really well further down the track.
By the time we finished our chat the sky had clouded over and the darters disappeared meaning the record shots were all I got.

So I ventured further on in hope of geting the ruddy on the way back, and watched Roly's flycatcher for a while, showing so brilliantly that even I could get a couple of decent shots :

As per usual the sun didn't come back out again. On the pond brief sightings of a migrant hawker and what looked like another ruddy darter, and back up the track plenty of darters but now only in the fields, sticking to the long grass (not literally) rather than coming to the roadsides in the now quite blustery wind.
Ron H arrived just as I was packing up so I passed on the spot fly info and hopefully some better pictures will emerge (though Roly had some crackers as well).
Then just time to watch a frustrated female southern hawker feeding in the tunnel of trees at the base of the steep bank; I say frustrated because the wind was blowing a lot of airborne seeds around and she kept catching and discarding them (obviously not a vegetarian then).
Happy with finally getting the ruddy though, I'm sure I'll get some better shots before long.

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