Monday, 8 July 2013

Skeletons in the Woods . . .

Made a quick visit to Thornley woods pond today in the hope of catching an emerging southern hawker. It was not to be but careful scrutiny of the emergent grasses revealed four exuvia (larval casings) so clearly emergence has started but is not yet in full swing.

Southern hawker exuvia
Thornley Woods pond
One thing I did notice is that the emergent vegetation around the far edge of the pond and especially the usually small clump mid-pond look far more lush than in past years, probably the first noticeable effect of the deforestation around that area. Less shade equals more growth.
It hasn't affected the damsels though, with 20+ pairs of large red damsels ovipositing in tandem, ditto 12 pairs of azure damsels and many singles of each species too.

Spent the weekend in the Highlands for a bird and dragonfly spotting bonanza with the Birdman of Gateshead. Haven't yet had time to process my photos but will give a full report asap. Great weekend, lifers and year ticks galore, many a laugh, many an adventure, but not without its controversies. Full story coming up . . . . .    

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