Tuesday, 30 July 2013

National Disaster Averted in the Emerald City . . .

Ironic that the designated (by the BDS) National Dragonfly Week July 20 - 28 should be the worst dragonhunting week of the season thus far for yours truly, but a total disaster was averted with a visit to Gibside on Sunday.
It was mid-afternoon by the time we'd looked at the poor excuse for a classic car show (seems to be fewer exhibits every year), walked along by the river and up to the Lily Pond, noting an Emerald damsel and brief UFD red darter on the walled garden pond, and a southern hawker hawking a woodland ride on the way.

The Lily Pond though was teeming with Emerald Damsels, been a while since I've seen so many, mostly males hogging the margins as lesser numbers of blue damsels kept mainly to the lily pad raft centre pond. The only blue I identified was a Common, but as the sun kept appearing then disappearing it was a bit frustrating as a male southern hawker did likewise. But eventually a female came on the scene in ovipositing mode and settled just long enough for me to snap one picture, before she too became invisible.

Ovipositing Southern Hawker
first photographed of the year but hope I can
do a lot better. 

A few of the 20+ male Emerald damsels in a small area.
Can only remember seeing one female, in a tandem pair. 

Just a thought, had it been National Butterfly Week there would have been no cause for complaint. Everywhere we went was teeming with browns and whites with the odd splash of colour as well (you can maybe tell I'm not an expert). But despite my lack of real interest in butterflies it was really good to see so many out, in view of last year and earlier this :)
A happy note to end on.    

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