Friday, 12 July 2013

A Goth Moth

Dragonhunter's day off . . .

A moth flew in through the kitchen window a couple of nights ago, and what a beautifully marked and distinctive individual. Never seen one before and for once I was able to successfully identify it from my Collins Incomplete Guide to British Insects :

The Gothic Naenia typica
fantastic name, fantastic moth

Though it disappeared the night before, it was relocated in the bairn's room last night so I was able to capture it and return it to the night. So that's one new moth tick, but a second newbie which I found on the outside wall of the house wasn't so clear cut. So anyone out there with an inkling please let me know.

Mystery Moth?
about 15mm long

Also late last night a fox was barking (if that's the term?) continuously in close proximity to the house. Eventually I thought I'd go outside and look for it but clumsy clutz that I am made a right racket trying to get out the back door without putting the light on, so when I got outside it had stopped barking and must have run off. Must have been v. close to the house though.

And today I spent demolishing our rotten old garden shed, discovering an underground bumble-bee nest underneath it (a white-tailed species). Luckily they weren't too disturbed and have been coming and going ok since but I've taped the area off to keep the kids away.

Back to the dragons next time (I hope)  . . .



  1. Alan,

    many many years ago in Germany we discovered a Bees nest underneath a Shed and piled things around it and told the kids not to go near it. Guess what, they didn't do as they were told, so a trip to the local hospital with one of my sons weeping wildly having been severely stung on one arm was necessitated.


  2. Maybe I should have been a bit more specific John, I taped it off with electrified wire ;)

  3. Alan,
    The moth is a Marbled Minor :-)

  4. Cheers Keith, much appreciated. Certainly a new one for me :)