Thursday, 6 June 2013

Variations on a theme . . .

Another visit to Thornley Woods Pond and Far Pasture today as I dished out posters and flyers for my WWWT exhibition. (another plug, sorry)

No damsels at all at TW pond, and FP produced just more of the same. It was dull while I was in the hide and nothing showed at all, but the field opposite again produced many Azure damsels in various stages of maturity and a few conundrums as well. Here's the best of the photos:

Nice mature male azure

Another photo I was pleased with for a change

A female azure which caused a conundrum as the black markings say
it should be a green form but it's blue?
But then there were so many of these green/blue females about
that I reckon they start off as blue before maturing as green?

To prove the point here's a blue mixed with green

And another. I think I learned
something today :)
Another queer 'un. This time a male showing a
variation in markings with 4 small bands of black
instead of the usual 3 then half section black.

And finally another cracking immature male.

But then this colourful little damsel flew into view, a rufescens form of blue-tailed female. Very smart indeed :

Blue-tailed damsel female - the only non-azure seen today
This pretty female of the rufescens form will unfortunately mature into a
dull green-brown form known as infuscans-obsoleta after about a week.
Shame as my photo doesn't do justice to her colouring in the field.  

Then I photographed this big beast as it alighted on my trouser leg. Had I realised it was so ugly without the aid of macro I don't think I would have stopped to photograph it.

A big horrible beast - answers on a postcard to . . . .  

Interesting little session anyway, despite the lack of sunshine.   


  1. Spent a couple of hours at Stargate today (Sat.) in full sun Between 11am and 1pm no BB Chasers showed. Did see 3 Four-spots and lots of damsels. Butterfly wise.....Dingy Skippers and Small Heath were notable.
    Will get back next week if conditions are favourable as I have car most days.

  2. Cheers John, shame about that but from Steve's description of his sighting last week it looks like he witnessed a maiden flight in which case it might reappear again this week. I'll be trying to get there meself in the next few days but I have a few things on and of course its weather dependent. I'll post visit in advance if I can, might see you there!