Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Reflections, of one sort and another . . .

Nearing the end of June already and most targets for the month accomplished. Only the elusive four-spotted chaser (of the early flying dragons) yet to be successfully hunted with camera and by this time next week I'll be thinking Black-tailed Skimmer and Emperor at Kibblesworth (where of course there will also be plenty of 4-spots) but I'd still like to get one in the valley before then.  

Today I went out in pretty unfavourable conditions (overcast and cool) hoping the brief sunny spells would increase as the day wore on, and in hope of getting (a) some better banded demoiselle shots by clockburn lake and (b) tracking down a four-spot chaser at Far Pasture. Unfortunately the sunny spells became less frequent rather than more so a bit of a disappointing couple of hours as far as my targets was concerned.

A good scour of the riverbanks along by clockburn lake produced no demoiselles but an abundance of blue-tailed damsels here, though masses of froglets along the path prevented me from checking the inner stream for fear of causing an amphibian massacre.
Highlight was this beaut of a violacea form female blue-tail, my photo doesn't fo it justice, it really was strongly coloured violet.

Didn't notice at the time but this violacea individual
has a deformed wing.

But look at the colour of that thorax!
A beauty, best example of the form I've seen to date

And another different variation of the male photographed with this immature having a bright green thorax.

Immature male, will turn to blue/green before becoming a
mature blue male. 

Moving on to Far Pasture the pond was bereft of dragons in the gloom, though a kingfisher made an appearance just after I arrived. I poked my camera out the window, zoomed in on the electric blue through my viewfinder and took one snap before it alighted. Result :

Kingfisher at Far Pasture today.
Nothing unusual you might think . . . .
Except that this is the actual photo I took, total pillock that I am. I somehow 
managed to photograph its reflection, missing the bird by about three feet! 

Yip, my skills with a camera never cease to amaze me.

The sun eventually arrived, a cue for damsels to suddenly appear, and one duckling tried its its best to catch some but failed again and again, wish I'd filmed it to be honest, it was both cute and dramatic at the same time (depending who's side you were on)
But the sunshine didn't last so I left and had a look by the roadside. Nothing much here either but one common blue damsel was particulary obliging, accepting an intrusive camera down to point blank range. But once again my skills let me down, had I been able to focus on his head rather than thorax I would have got some cracking shots. Never mind, here's the best of what I did get.

That was that then, nothing new to report and the forecast for the next few days plus stuff to do  means at the moment I don't know when my next hunting trip will be. Shocking!    


  1. I'm up early to visit Gossy Park then when/ if it warms up head back to Little Waters. Gossy not been too good for far.
    You get some canny results with that camera.....when you point it in the right direction, that is. lol.
    Interesting Kingfisher image tho' I thought you'd altered it with some strange effect in Lightroom or the like.

  2. Gave Little Waters 30 minutes after Gossy Park this morning. No sun = no show !!

  3. Yeah, the perils of the British summer. I suppose I'm lucky to be working from home and have a few decent sites on my doorstep, means I don't usually make plans, just pop out for an hour or so if the sun's shining (and sod the work) : )