Friday, 14 June 2013

Back to the Pasture . . . .

Couldn't resist another hour down far pasture early afternoon yesterday despite the lack of any real sunshine. And much the same as Wednesday really, nowt doing on the pond bar a few ovipositing azure damsels, but the roadside rough provided ample photographic opportunities for common blue, azure and blue-tailed damsels. here's the best of the bunch :

Not-quite mature male blue-tailed damsel

female blue-tailed of the violacea form looks to be
turning to the typica (blue) form which looks a lot like the male 

Whereas this female appears to be
the fully mature pale blue typica

This very immature female azure damsel (green form) is probably still
classed as teneral, being so pale and showing slightly milky sheen to wings 

Nice close-up of a male azure damsel

At last a decent shot of the common blue male

And a common blue female, brown form as opposed to the
typical green form (or sometimes blue)
Note the black dorsal 'torpedo' markings.

Another male common blue . . . .

. . . . even better against the less fussy background.

And a close-up showing all the tiny hairs not usually seen
Shot of the day :)

So quite a successful hunt, really pleased with some of those pics. Could do with a new species or two though.  


  1. Yes, some very nice images there. What do you use to take them?
    Not got back to Stargate this week due to dodgy weather. I'm away to see grandkids in Kent next week so hoping for something nice down there.....Scarce Chaser top of the list, but a Broad- bodied would do, I suppose. lol.
    Hope you catch up with BBC's either at Stargate or Burdon Moor. I'll keep an eye out.

  2. Cheers John, my camera is just a bog standard Panasonic fz-38 on the built-in macro setting. It's just a matter of waiting for the insect which doesn't fly up when you approach it, some are shot at practically point-blank range.
    You should get some cracking dragons in kent if you know where to look, would be worth doing some research first. Good luck, will read all about it on your blog no doubt.