Monday, 3 June 2013

Azure thing.

Had a spare hour or so today and couldn't let the sunshine go to waste so nipped down to Far Pasture to see if there was anything else on the wing, main target being four-spotted chaser. This species was notable by its absence last year I think due to the early season rain. They had previously been present annually in small numbers (not known if they have actually colonised the pond or are just wanderers) and in 2011 up to 5 were present through late May to July which was a record.
Today drew another blank as once again the only species on show was Azure damsel. On the pond I noted the weak fluttery maiden flights of a few freshly emerged individuals, about half a dozen mature males were patrolling, one pair flew past in tandem and another landed on an emergent plant in the shallows. Other than that, very quiet.

Azure damsels in tandem
too distant for a decent pic I'm afraid

Once again the roadside offered the best photographic opportunities, particularly an immature male and off-topic a pair of shagging hoverflies. I obviously need to get out more :)

mature Azure male at the roadside
quite a few on show today 

Crap shot but just liked the composition

Nice day for it !
Species anyone?

My favourite shot of the day
superb abdominal colouring on this immature male
 (click on photo for larger image)

I will hopefully get opportunities for short expeditions later in the week (as long as the sun keeps shining) so will most likely target blue-tailed damsels (with outside chance of Banded demoiselle yum yum) at Clockburn lake and large reds at Thornley Woods pond. Should be on site by now, then the much anticipated broad-bodied chaser at Stargate. Oh yes!     

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