Friday, 21 June 2013

A Quirk and a Query . . .

Haven't been out today, just thought I'd share a couple of recent photos. One of an apparent 'smoking' damselfly and another of a moth I hadn't noticed before and can't seem to ID. Here you are :

Azure damsel smerkin' a tab ?

Or is it just chewing on some sort of tiny grub ?

Unidentified Moth ?

Several of these small (not much more than 1cm) moths were out in the mid-day sun at Far Pasture last week. Thought it would be easy to ID being so nicely coloured but my Collins 'Incomplete' Guide to British Insects once again lets me down. I certainly haven't noticed them before so a new one for me if it can be identified, so any moth fans out there care to help me out it would be very much appreciated.



  1. Hi Alan, the moth is a small yellow underwing, a day flying moth widespread over Britain. As for the dams, i think its a fag in its gob :) lol

  2. Cheers Steve, spot on!
    and apologies to Collins as I just didn't look thoroughly, never heard of a small yellow underwing so just looked up lesser (d'oh!)