Friday, 31 May 2013

Sunny day but no time to hunt . . . .

Gibside today but only managed a late and brief soiree to the walled garden pond after spending much of a pleasant afternoon  at the strawberry castle play area with the kids. (well it's the first time this week the sun has shone so was just good to get out in the fresh air for a while) Enjoyed a nice tub of rum 'n' raisin ice cream at the play area, where the main highlight was a pair of buzzards out enjoying the sunshine as well, great to see the male skydancing as his mate circled below, then the pair did a synchronized side-by-side hover, before they split up and one was mobbed by a couple of crows over the west wood, must have been very annoying as many times the buzzard twisted on its back in the air reaching out at the corvids with talons outstretched. Great ten minutes entertainment, other raptors in the area were a soaring sparrowhawk and 3 or 4 red kites passing over.

To the pond then, and though it was late afternoon now the sun still shone brightly, so a bit disappointing to only find two Large Red Damsels here, both mature males. No photos as the first was too distant and half-hidden amongst the grasses, and the second flew past me but I lost it against the bright sunlight. I scoured the pond from the boundary fence but sadly nothing else to report.

The forecast is good for the next few days at least, though I have a busy weekend ahead and plenty of gardening to attend to when the kids go back to school. I can feel the frustrations building already :(  

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  1. Kids back to school, did you say??
    The sun will start shining !!