Thursday, 16 May 2013

Still Nowt About.. . . .

First sortie since last Thursday (not that I expected to find anything but quite a nice day so what the hell...) Biked along to Clockburn lake, still not much growth in the vegetation along the outlet stream, no exuvia to be found anywhere in the area so no signs of any imminent damsels. But the wild rhubarb by the river is starting to sprout, should hopefully find some banded demoiselles among it around the end of the month. Plenty of small toadpoles in the stream.
Highlight at the lake was a singing sedge warbler, and two pairs of very smart looking reed buntings.

Stopped off at the Nine-arches viaduct for a raptor watch, cloudy now but a great count of 7 common buzzards high above, most I've seen soaring together in a good while. A couple of red kites, sparrowhawk and kestrel made up the raptor count, but the hirundines were in swarms, coming in low as the dark rainclouds gathered.
Made a stop at Far Pasture in the hope the clouds would pass and the sun might reappear to bring out a large-red damsel or two but if anything it got worse so I called it a day before the rain came. Little to report here bar a good count of swifts.

So a very slow start to the flight season, would expect usually to have a large red by now, but so far haven't heard of any anywhere in the borough, though information through the local grapevine isn't as forthcoming as in the past.
Wondering what the knock-on effect of last years early season washout and this years delayed spring will have. By the last week in May usually five species of damsel and the first four-spotted chasers are on the wing, so not long to wait but already feeling a little deflated.    


  1. No Damsells in North Tyneside either. Lets hope it's not the same as last year, a real shocker. The few reported on BDS are doon sooth.

  2. Aye Johnny, I'd noted the BDS reports so thought I'd have a look in today's sunshine. I fear there was a lot of damage done to early season species last year, coupled with the long cold winter I'm wondering what the knock-on effect will be, though I must admit I don't usually start looking til the last week in May, I'll be more concerned if I find nowt then.