Wednesday, 1 May 2013

New Season - Bring it On !!!

The 2013 Dragonhunting season gets underway this month, and though I've yet to hear any reports, Large Red Damsels should be on the wing by now so I'm hoping to seek one out tomorrow (as well as some summer migrant birds) with a tour of some of my local woods and ponds.
No real targets this season as I only get frustrated by the weather and don't think I'll be able to get out much anyway this year, so I'll just be seeking to hunt out all the Gateshead residents and improve my photographs of them (new galleries coming soon!)
Anything else will be a bonus, but with plenty of sites in the valley to cover I'll mainly be recording species locally when I have a couple of hours to spare.

So first expeditions for May will be nothing strenuous, the large red damsels followed by the trio of blue damsels, and by late month hopefully the first dragon (four-spot chaser), and the glorious banded demoiselle, all found at sites locally.

Will be great to welcome back some old friends, as Eric and Ernie used to say "Bring me Sunshine!"  

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  1. :0 return of the dragonhunter! :) good hunting.