Sunday, 11 November 2012

Here today, Gone Tomorrow.

Looks like I got it right with the waxwings at Blaydon, a report of over 200 yesterday but today they were nowhere to be found, apart from one solitary individual darting out to catch flies from the top of a poplar, as there are now no berries to be found, trees and bushes stripped bare by the voracious visitors from Scandinavia as I feared they might be by now, so I'm well pleased I took the chance on Friday to seek them out.

A poor morning all round as we sat freezing in the far Pasture hide waiting for the otters to appear (they didn't), and a reported long-eared owl roost was a no show too, though we were slightly compensated by a good number of redwings and a single fieldfare at the site.

So the one remaining Blaydon waxwing was our only goodie of the morning, though further reports came from elsewhere in the borough so still time to catch up with a few more yet. Meantime here are some cracking close-ups of the Blaydon mob by Steven 'Ace' Fryer.


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