Sunday, 12 August 2012

Utterly Butterfly

Can't say I've ever been that interested in butterflies but that's not to say they aren't a pleasure to study at close-quarters if the chance arises, and a visit to Butterfly World in Stockton on Wednesday gave opportunity to see some tropical species close-up.
It's not much more than a big humid greenhouse with ornamental pond, water feature and tropical plants, but contains many individuals of about 30 species of highly colourful butterflies from all over the world, some of them absolute corkers. I really enjoyed seeing and walking among them, but frustratingly difficult to photograph in a crowded area and three sprogs in tow. The kids enjoyed  them too though which was nice to see, and here are a few of my better shots.

S. America
Orchard Swallowtail (male)
S. America
Tailed Jay
An absolute stunner but couldn't get a still shot of it
as the wings shimmered continuously 
Tropical America
Shame I couldn't get a photo with wings open as it's a
gorgeous kingfisher blue on the topside
reminds me of the opening titles of Dr Who from the 1960s 
Bonus for me was a riverside walk later when a female Southern Hawker landed on a branch right in front of me, unfortunately I didn't have my camera ready, but shot it after it had flown to a higher perch.
Southern Hawker (female)

The only other dragonfly seen, a large flypast hawker, remained unidentified. Good day out though.

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