Monday, 20 August 2012

Ruddy darters !@!

Thought I'd give far Pasture another check before the forecast rain came in today, really wanted to get some better Ruddy Darter photos as the last batch weren't too good.
First stop the roadside and again at least two male ruddys were present with quite a few common darters bathing in the sunshine on the road and fence.
One cheeky individual used my trusty chariot as a perch (in exchange for some good photos,) but the ruddys weren't so obliging, being very difficult to approach.

" On your bike ! "

I had a look on the pond where half a dozen tandem pairs of common darters were dipping in the waters to oviposit, and one unnattached female was doing the same. All told I would estimate the number of common darters to be in the region of forty, a good count.
Another individual at the pond was I'm sure a female ruddy, having a stubby yellowish abdomen, but was chased away by a common darter before I could be certain.
Damsels present included about a dozen emeralds, 8 or 9 common blue and a single blue-tailed.

Back at the roadside I again tried to get close to a ruddy darter, but again found them to be much more nervous than their common cousins, one in particular of which I got at point blank range on the fence for some lovely detailed shots.

An overmature female also posed nicely

But once again I didn't get any really decent shots of ruddy darter, but on checking the snaps I did get I can see there were at least three different males present today.

I also spotted this strange mark on the fence which I thought looks like the silhouette of a dragonfly in flight.

Or maybe it's just me?
Whatever, I'll just have to try and get some sharper ruddy photos next time. Adios ! 

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