Sunday, 12 August 2012

Olympic Success and some Gold Medal stuff from the BBC

Well I couldn't let the Olympics pass without mention that it was a dragonfly which started it all off, as 17 days ago the opening sequence on the BBC featured a dragonfly eye view of the Thames leading up to Olympic Park, an iconic beginning to what proved to be an excellent opening ceremony, followed by over a fortnight of brilliant sports, have to say I'm glad its come to a close though as I'm beginning to develop square eyes.

That bright blue blur to the upper left of picture is indeed a dragonfly
as the magnificent Olympic coverage gets under way 
(only problem is it doesn't appear to be a British species!)

The BBC website also holds some excellent images and snippets about Odonata, follow these links for some very interesting viewing about our favourite life-forms.

Giant Helicopter Damsels :  

Some wonderful footage from some top notch BBC progs :

Marvellous !

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