Thursday, 9 August 2012

Lucky 7th

August the 7th and a bright morning, time to see if the darters are finally out at Far Pasture. Off I went with sprog2 in tow and at long last the sunshine held, resulting in at least nine individuals of Common Darter, four or five on the pond and a similar number on the access road, a few of which were successfully photographed.
Common Darter female at Far Pasture
Common Darter male at Far Pasture

No Ruddy darters though, but a double-figure count of Emerald damsels on the pond, with the odd common blue and a tandem pair of large red damsels being the only noteable others.

And then a cracking bonus back home later in the afternoon. When out in the garden I spied a hawker foraging around the front gardens of the next houses. It showed on and off for a while but was very flighty in continuous hunting mode and didn't come close enough for a really good look. However I got it in my bins a few times, it was certainly one of the mosaic types and the straight abdomen ruled out Southern right away. Even at distance I felt it was too large for a Migrant, coupled with the fact I'm sure a yellow costa was visible at times when it came head on so I'm confident enough to call it as a Common Hawker, probably an immature male as any bright colouring was difficult to make out.
A stroke of luck then, as I hadn't yet got one on my Gateshead list this year, the only one seen thus far being at Pow Hill Park the day I got the golden-ringed. Gettin !   

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