Thursday, 2 August 2012

July Roundup

Sunday (29th) was a non-dragonfly day with Steve and a few others doing the rounds of Gateshead on the lookout for returning waders. Not a lot to report on that score but highlight of the day was great views of a stoat hunting Costco car park, and two decent Kingfisher sightings, one at Shibdon Pond  and the other at Far Pasture. The only Odonata seen today were 3 common blue damsels at Sled Lane Pond.

Monday (30th) a family outing to Cragside was to hopefully provide a bit of part-time dragonhunting, alas the heavens opened soon after we arrived  and the only sightings were between showers at Nelly's Moss Lake with a single large red and maybe half a dozen common blue damsels. Will be making a return visit here in a couple of weeks hopefully to connect with black darter like last year.

Tuesday (31st) a morning of bright sunshine promised much for our planned afternoon walk & scoot around the Derwent Walk Country Park, but like yesterday the sun disappeared no sooner had we left the car park, the cool and overcast conditions only producing a few blue-tailed damsels at Clockburn Lake, and one each of common blue and azure. The days highlight didn't arrive until after 10pm this evening, with a tiny pipistrelle hunting low in the sky above and around our garden, first I've noted this year and another tick for my ever-increasing mammals list.

So that ends july, a frustrating and disappointing month in the main but once again not without its highlights. The lack of odonata at my local pond (Far Pasture) has been quite worrying, but seeing the golden-ringed was a rare treat to finish on, and successfully photographing the black-tailed skimmers early month a great moment.
August is the main hawker month, if I could find a Brown one I'll be well happy, otherwise I'll just be trying to better my photographs of common, southern and migrant from last year. The darters should be out in force this month too, so still time for Far pasture to redeem itself.

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