Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Bad to Worse

School Holiday In-Trip Exploration began with a family trip to Washington Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust on sunny Thursday (2nd), the interestingly named Forgotten Meadow and Ponds being the only area of dragonhunting interest here, with 2-3 Southern Hawkers present. A male and female hawked the tree-line and another female (or possibly the same one) was ovipositing on and around the small pond.
Also present here were a common darter (male) and half a dozen common blue damsels.

male Southern Hawker obligingly posed for a photo
in between meals at Washinton WWT 

Common Darter and Common Blue damsels also
on the Forgotten Pond at Washington 

More S.H.I.T.E. Dragonhunting on Friday 3rd with a visit to Thornley Woods Pond. After a very bright morning I was presented with the opportunity to spend a couple of hours on my tod, and looked forward to a good little session when on arrival I was greeted by around 8 large red damsels, a dozen or so azures and a very busy feeding female Southern Hawker. Alas, just five minutes in the sun disappeared and with it my hopes as I sat for an hour without any further sightings, a flighty Giant Wood Wasp provided the only bit of interest as I watched in increasing gloom.

Another bright start on Sunday (5th) and a bit of unproductive birdwatching with Indiana Steve around the river Tyne. We eventually drove up to Burdon Moor for the dragons late morning and arrived on site just as the last drop of sunshine departed behind the rainclouds, with just time to spot 4 Common Darters and around 8 Emerald damsels before we got soaked. (A bit of a theme starting to develop methinks)

Emerald Damsel at Burdon Moor
(before the downpour)

Back to family things on Monday and the short journey to Gibside early afternoon should have provided a bit of casual dragonhunting at the very least, it had been after all a really nice day (up until then) And lo and behold we lasted half an hour this time before the rain could be seen falling on the far side of the valley, with very dark skies heading our way at good speed, and needless to say we got caught in a downpour out in the open, thunder, lightening, the lot.             

 A S.H.I.T.E. few days indeed 

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