Wednesday, 4 July 2012

More of the Same

Yesterdays Black-tail adventure was also captured by Rob S, who has kindly allowed me to publish some of his photos, a lot better than the ones I took and not bad at all considering the distance and dullness of the skies.

Black tailed Skimmer pair (Kibblesworth Brickwork pools)
Rob Stonehouse

Compare males of the similar Black-tailed Skimmer (above) and
Broad-bodied Chaser (below)
Easiest difference to spot on a perched specimen is the lack of dark basal
patches on the wings of the skimmer. Also note the chaser has broad
antehumeral stripes on the thorax, totally lacking on the skimmer, and
the abdomen of the skimmer is thin and pointed, that of the chaser
is broad and rounded.    

So once again the lack of dragonfly numbers and opportunities to seek them out is more than made up in the quality of sightings and species recorded well. Though I wouldn't mind getting a decent shot of an Emperor, my only two real Gateshead targets for the season now are an improved shot on last years of a Black Darter, and a female Migrant Hawker, both late season species so plenty of time for the weather to improve.
Will now turn attention to seeking out new species in new locations, and searching beyond Gateshead for new lifers.
Can't wait to get started . . . . . . . .


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