Saturday, 21 July 2012

After the Storm II . . . .

A trip along the river proved a bit of an eye-opener, still in flood after all the rain and signs of devastation caused by the freak storm three weeks ago, with remnants of overflows in the form of mud and debris along paths, riverbank erosion and the area around the outlet stream from Clockburn Lake which was lush vegetation last time I was here (photographing the Banded Demoiselles) now not much more than a mudflat.
Just 3 weeks ago this area was lush with wild rhubarb standing well over
a metre high, now just a few hardy stragglers remain

A great little highlight though as I stood surveying the changes when a kingfisher flashed in low from around the bend in the river and perched atop a small stump no more than five feet in front of mc. I couldn't believe it and stayed perfectly still, before the riperian beauty tilted her head in my direction, fixed me with a brief stare and was away again in a literal flash. Marvellous view though brief as it was.

Not much activity here as by now the day was overcast, the only damsels showing were those I flushed from the long grass as I walked bythe stream, mainly blue-tailed, a few common blue and a fine male demoiselle, which I traced across the stream but lost in the encroaching reeds far-side.
A male blue-tail, the only half decent shot I was able to take

Not much else to report from several stops along the river, other highlight was this creature which I think is a leech of some sort, found crawling across my path by the overgrown flower meadow pond at Swalwell.
A very large leech stretching to about 4 inches

All in all an interesting little excursion.  


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