Thursday, 19 January 2012

In a volcanic land a long time ago . . . . .

Been a while since I posted anything (possibly due to the fact that being mid-winter there are no dragonflies flying to investigate) though I haven't been idle, recently purchasing a very interesting book called 'Dragonflies' (what else?) by Philip Corbet & Stephen Brooks. Not an ID guide but a fascinating insight into the life cycle and behaviour of my favourite creatures. Should help me understand why they choose the habitats they do and therefore aid me in finding particular species when this years dragonfly season begins again.

Meantime I found some photos I took in Tenerife back in 2003, ( my first holiday with my beloved so other things on my mind ) and at a time when my interest in dragonflies was some way second to birds so no more than opportunist photos. I remember the occasion well, both spotted on an ornamental pond at an outdoor cafe we were sitting at, the heat must make them lazy, as surprisingly the Emperor hung around while I got closer and closer with a not particularly good camera. And I hadn't eved ID'd the second dragon at the scene. But aaah such memories . . . .
Emperor dragonfly (male)
a cracking photo considering the type of point and press camera I had
at my disposal at the time.
An unusual view showing off his black underside
Love the way the sun catches the wings in this shot
And look how close I got, as maximum zoom on this camera was
no more than 3x I was kneeling practically next to him
at the side of the pond, yet it's difficult to get anywhere near
them back at home.
Red-veined darter (male)
 at the same pond, same day
The red-vein was more active and didn't hang around for so long so this was the only photo I got of him. And as I've just made the ID it means the specimen I encountered at Kibblesworth in Gateshead a couple of years later (see very first post, this blog) wasn't a lifer after all !
Well I'll be . . . . .

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