Monday, 3 October 2011

A reward for patience . . .

With all the excitement of the Black Darters over the last few days I almost forgot I'd got a cracking shot of a migrant hawker in Far Pasture car park the other day during the mini-heatwave (in fact just after taking the call from Steve about the discovery of the darters at Stargate)

Migrant Hawker (male) @ Far Pasture
Beautiful shot showing the diagnostic T-shape at the top of the abdomen
(click on image for closer view) 

There were at least two maybe three individuals here (all males) and over a dozen common darters, with two pairs ovipositing on the ponds and a couple of emerald damsels also in attendance. 

Definitely my best shot yet of a migrant hawker, shame his abdomen is curled under but a real sharp shot which I was quite lucky to get. I'd been watching him hawking around along with another male and a few darters in the field opposite for quite some time, hoping one of them would eventually settle in the surrounding trees, until at last he came over and perched up at a lofty but photographable height in the tree alongside me. I was just getting a focus on him when a strong gust whipped the branches away and he flew up. I cursed and thought my chance had gone but then watched him dip under the branches in the corner of the car park and didn't see him come out again. I rushed around and frantically searched before noticing him hanging vertically down a thin stem, almost camouflaged right in front of me at a perfect height and distance  to reel off a couple of shots before he was off and away again. Patience rewarded.  

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