Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Hawker

Off on my (t)rusty chariot today along the river in the hope of viewing salmon leaping up the damhead. No such luck, the water level is far too low, desperately need some rain (can't believe I'm saying that!) to kickstart the action which can be quite spectacular at this time of year.
Had good views of a male kingfisher though further downstream, and four dipper sightings at various points along the stretch I travelled.
Stopping at the 1998 bridge beside Clockburn Lake though I could hardly believe my luck as a hawker dragonfly zipped through my field of vision, and I followed it up and over the trees towards the lake, where unfortunately I lost it, never to be seen again.
Now I can't be certain of the ID, first impression was that it was on the small side, certainly held its abdomen out straight, too dull a day to get any colouration and common and migrant are both technically a possibility still at this time of the year, but in view of the fact this is a regular haunt for migrant and I've yet to record a common here I think the percentage guess has to go with migrant, certainly the latest I've recorded any dragonfly locally anyway. 
As its passing was all over far too quickly there was no chance of a photo but here is an artsts impression of the sighting bearing in mind its October 31st.


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