Saturday, 27 August 2011

Females of the Species

Recent encounters with Southern and Common Hawkers have produced some cracking photos, so we can now do a good comparison between the females of the species with a few ID pointers.
Common Hawker (left) Southern Hawker (right)
Note the thorax of the common hawker has two diagonal
yellow stripes, that of the southern is made up of wider
greenish panels.
The overall colouring is also quite distinctive in good light, the
common hawker markings being bright lemon yellow and in smaller
patches than the dull green southern hawker.

Common hawker (above) Southern Hawker (below)
Note the differences in the antehumeral stripes (braces) on the thorax
 behind the head. Those of the common hawker are mere pips in
comparison with the thick stripes of the southern hawker.
And the differences in the coverage of the ‘mosaic’ patterning can be seen in these cracking portrait shots by Steven Fryer (Common) and Paul Davison (Southern)
Common Hawker (female)
Steven Fryer
Southern Hawker (female)
Paul Davison
Also note the distinctive yellow costa (front wing vein) of the common hawker, diagnostic of the species in both sexes.  

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