Friday, 29 July 2011

A Trio of Mini-Expeditions

Apologies for lack of reports the last week or so, I’m afraid the DragonHunter has been out of action, not been well, must have picked up some tropical disease on one of my expeditions.

On a recuperational walk in the fresh air though I did manage to at last catch up with a few Common Darters at Far Pasture, not on the pond itself but by the access road, always a good place to go hunting for this particular species which will perch openly on ground, fences or at the top of any tall roadside plant. It wasn’t a planned visit so I didn’t have my camera. Three males seen in all, one immature (yellow), two mature (orangey/red).
The big surprise really is that it took me ‘til July 27th just to see one. I will return (officially) to record the species for my blog as soon as the chance arises.

Last Sunday a family visit to Gibside proved pretty fruitless, despite a beautiful day just a few common blue damsels at the Lily Pond, but I did get this photo of the site so you can see what a scenic little pond it is.

The Lily Pond at Gibside
(Column of British Liberty in the background)
And just yesterday a trip out of the area to Derwent Reservoir produced sightings of a couple of Common Hawkers, hawking (what else?) the boggy heathland area of Pow Hill Country Park, the only other sighting there being a Large Red Damsel.

So I haven’t been idle despite my incapacitation. Need to get cracking now though and fill in a few gaps.

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