Thursday, 9 June 2011

A Zoom with a View

While I was struggling to get any half decent pictures at Far Pasture yesterday, my mate Indiana Steve (and his faithful hound Tilly) were further down the valley testing out Steve's new macro lens. His photos put mine to shame, but he got a smashing pic of a Common Blue damsel so I've stitched up a much better side by side comparison with the Azure damsel (below) to look at the diagnostic pointers between the two species. after that just enjoy the cracking images, not bad for a first attempt Steve, to say the least.

Azure damsel (above)
Common Blue damsel (below)
The subtls differences between the two species are much more apparent here, note especially the thickness of the black thorax stripe, the black markings at the base of the abdomen, and the amount of blue on the tail end segments. 

Smashing shot of a common blue in close-up

Blue-tailed damselfly (m) in profile .....

.....and from head on, menacing or what?

And finally my favourite, an excellent shot of a Common Blue-tail male
enjoying a juicy snack.  

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